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Cleaners & Filters


  • An automatic pool cleaner will dramatically reduce the time spent on weekly maintenance.
  • If you fill your pool with well water, you’ll need to add a metal remover.


  • When cleaning cartridge filters, soak them in a cleaning solution for 24 hours, then hose them off before reinstalling.
  • D.E. filters should be disassembled and cleaned at least once per season.
  • If your sand filter is 3-5 years old, ask your pool professional if it’s time to replace the sand.
  • If your filter pressure gauge indicates that pressure has dropped below the normal reading for a clean filter, check to see if you have a clogged pump or skimmer basket.
  • Clean your sand or D.E. filters when you close your pool for the season.
  • To obtain maximum filtration and energy efficiency, backwash or clean your filter regularly, as required.