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When we say that we build at higher than industry standards we want you to know what that means and why. The fact is that many companies would gladly sign you up and then hand you over to a supervisor that you have never met. We want you to know that we offer direct owner supervision. Scott and Charlie Hebert personally supervise every project, and are more than qualified to build anything related to pool and or home construction.

Our whole construction process is designed and engineered differently from the start in order to host a truly enjoyable experience for your whole family.

  1. Scott Hebert personally stakes out every pool prior to excavation.
  2. We then have all of your utilities located to find potential reroutes.
  3. Once any utilities have been moved Scott Hebert personally conducts a pre-construction walkthrough with you on site.
  4. We can build a pool almost anywhere. We prefer to have 7’ width for our machines. However we have many excavation solutions available for smaller access areas including moving your A/C units and putting them back the same day.