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  • To ensure accurate readings, replace test kit reagents annually
  • To ensure the highest water quality, test your pool’s pH and free chlorine levels daily, adding chemicals as needed.
  • Proper chemical usage is important for maintaining a healthy pool. Be sure to follow the chemical manufacturer’s instructions closely regarding proper dosage for your size pool.
  • Add an algaecide and chlorine to your pool before covering it for the winter. It will ensure that the water is clear and algae-free when you reopen it the following season.
  • All water samples should be collected from the deep end of your pool. Roll up your sleeves and reach down to elbow length for the best sample – around 18 inches. A usable sample should include 8 ounces of water – trapped in a sample bottle or any clean, plastic container.
  • When conducting your own two-to-three times weekly water analysis, remember that there are specific ranges for each test.