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Swimming Pool Plumbing Sugar Land, TX

When we say that we build at higher than industry standards we want you to know what that means and why. The fact is that many builders still use antiquated hydraulic, and structural building methods. Our customers deserve the best. We study and utilize the principles of modern high efficiency engineering to produce circulation with the least possible restriction to water flow. Key Points and things you should know about our plumbing:

  • We do all our plumbing in house. We do not subcontract our plumbing
  • We use larger pipe from 2.5” to 6” pvc depending on the application.
  • Larger plumbing increases filtration flow rates which decreases chemical consumption.
  • We have had the same plumbing foreman since 1987
  • We pressure test your plumbing before we bury the pipe, in fact your plumbing must hold 30 psi before it is completed.
  • We use 45 degree fitting instead of 90 degree fittings wherever possible to reduce backpressure which increases water flow rates.
  • Higher filtration flow rates will reduce the amount of chemicals that you use while eliminating dead zones where water does not circulate.
  • We utilize our higher flow rates to supply twice the number of return fittings that you would find in a standard pool. This lowers your long term cost by providing better circulation.
  • We plumb our skimmers independently with 2.5” Scd 40 pvc
  • Our Main drains are plumbed in groups of 2 with a 2.5” pipe independent of the skimmer lines.
  • Independently valved skimmers and main drains



Trench width and depth are very important. We dig a wider trench to allow for a more level plumbing bed. This reduces stacking of pipe. By laying our pipe flat we eliminate air gaps that lead to the failure of the substrates ability to maintain its position, and the subsequent shifting of overlaying decking surfaces that can result from stacking different pipe sizes on one another.