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Did you know that some gunite is stronger than other Gunite? When we install your gunite we shoot the strongest available ratio of concrete to sand. Our 7 sack mix has fiberglass reinforcement, and no rebound which makes our Gunite Installation second to none. Rebound is the by product of shooting Gunite. When you shoot a structure about 10-20% of the material coming out of the hose has no structural value. We shovel this material out of your pool and throw it away. Many builders shovel this material back into your structure, and then cover it with fresh layers of wet Gunite. A Bear customers deserve and receive a solid structure. We have highly expansive soil and shifting will occur. When your ground does shift your pool will be much less likely to crack because you will have invested in a stronger structure.

This is
a Pile of Useless


See the Crack From the Skimmer to the Floor

This Customer saved a lot of money the first time they built this pool. Skimmers, steps, access areas, and benches are the most common areas for builders to dump their rebound.


See the Crack From the Bench to the Floor

This is a good reason to pay a little more and buy the best Gunite available. You cannot repair this.


You Get what
you pay for.
Do not let this
happen to your


A Bear Pool offers
engineering solutions
for the most demanding applications.


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